Dreamkid - Learn alphabet letters in 4 languages

What’s New!

  • Available in 4 ( English, French, Tamil, and Hindi ) languages
  • Each alphabet letters integrated with 4 real-time and animated pictures.
  • Kids easily learn the alphabet letters with sample words.
  • Kids will quickly learn languages with our interactive methods
  • Kids friendly & creative designs and free from in-app purchases

DreamKid – is free educational learning app for preschool toddlers. Kids have the ability to learn 4+ languages within 5 years of time as per research, let’s give our kids the opportunity to learn alphabet letters in an interactive way.

  • Kids learn multiple languages easily at a young age, there is a misconception that one has to learn one language fully before moving to another language, this is actually counterproductive, as after learning one language it’s difficult to learn a next one.
  • At an early age, kids show great enthusiasm and grasping the power to learn multiple languages easily.
  • Giving the kids an opportunity to learn multiple languages means the kid’s brain power is increased exponentially.
  • Now learning alphabet letters will be easier with our new DreamKid app for kids, we integrate the alphabet letters with pretty animated and real-time pictures so preschool kids will easily understand and remember what it is.
  • By exposing kids to multiple languages you are improving kid’s Positive experiences, Learning style, Personality, Attitude towards the other language, Motivation to learn.

How to play

  • Download and install DreamKid learning app on your device
  • Select a language from list whatever you want
  • It will show a first alphabet letter of the language with simple words and animated and real-time pictures
  • And Start learning with our interactive designs and methods

Download the App Now!

Learn alphabet letters in 4 language

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