Hey everyone, I’ve recently started looking at Social Media sites where individuals post questions about anything looking for an answer. There was one question popped up that caught my eye.

How to make 100 dollars a day online?

Affiliate Marketing – Good For Newbies.

I had to add this to the top of my list, considering it’s how I make the most online at the moment. Affiliate marketing involves being a middleman between a product or affiliate marketing services and a buyer. You suggest products or services to people within the content that you write, (such as reviews).

If your reader purchases a product or service, after clicking your affiliate link, you receive a commission.

Fiverr – Set Up Your Gig!

Fiverr is not just a $5 platform anymore, you can provide gig extras once you’re established for a short while and these can really build up. You’re constrained as a newbie in the beginning by what you can offer. If you’re talking about a straight gig you get $4, that means 25 gigs a day. This does sound like a lot, but it really depends on what your gig is. Don’t forget, you can also get gig extras and the amount you can charge for these extras changes quite frequently. Freelancing – Many People Don’t See The Potential!

If you don’t yet fancy going all out on the Amazon Kindle platform, why not get your feet wet in online publishing – by freelancing? up work great for freelancing Or if writing isn’t your thing, maybe you could be helpful in other ways – such as virtual assistant work, graphic design or illustration. Many people dismiss freelancing, but some people are making six-figures from their freelancing gigs.

Don’t underestimate the income potential there. While there is competition, there is also plenty of demand and a need for quality freelancers. Personally, I recommend trying Upwork first – while you may have to go for some low paid gigs starting out, it is one of the easiest platforms to get started on.

And finally, this is the last one but not least.

Gigs - Start your own Marketplace platform

Who wants a marketplace to sell products? Is your idea to facilitate peer-to-peer rentals? Or maybe a site for booking services? No worries - it supports all types of marketplaces! And your merchants and buyers can be individuals or companies.

The service marketplace is your one-stop shop for a wide range of services in key functional categories. The diverse range of services expands the functionality of the platform to cover all of your workforce management needs.

Here I’ve just outlined a couple ways that you can make money online that are legitimate and possible for anyone to get into.

Making $100 a day online is clearly possible, but only a small percentage of people who ever have that thought make it a reality. Largely that’s due to them not taking action, or not enduring when things get difficult. So many people quit when they achieve a fork in the road or a stumbling block.

Many people also will go into this believing that making money online must be simple, so they go into it with false desires. My recommendation is to focus on one way to make money online and persevere with it to the point that you discover some achievement. Once you’ve done so, you may want to branch out and build other streams of income online too.

Have you decided how you’d like to make money online? Leave me a comment below!

All the best…

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