CMS Development Services

CMS Website Development Company in India, UK and Malaysia

We are well experienced in creating CMS-based websites so that the user can update their content. We have custom in-house CMS Designs and WordPress customized. Our designs are developed using HTML5 and CSS3 so that it’s responsive.

Our CMS Quick Start line of products are built with Drupal version 7 and 6 and provide you with attractive designs and turn-key functionality so that you can quickly launch a Drupal-powered website that is pre-configured with many features that save you time and money. All products are built according to Drupal coding standards which allows you to utilize thousands of add-on modules to extend the functionality of your site.

What does Dreamguy’s CMS-based web solution provide to you?

The simplicity of a WORD-like text editor for updating your content, including font, color, and formatting, plus a range of easy-to-use web-specific features like the internal page and external site links, image import, on-page web forms, etc. The design flexibility of inserting graphical elements anywhere you want on a page – images, flash elements, videos, etc.

A client-controlled user access permission structure where each client decides who should have access to the CMS to make changes, and the ability to add, change or delete user permissions at will the security of the website being hosted in a hardened state-of-the-art commercial hosting facility with fully redundant infrastructure (server, power, internet connection) and onsite support the cost-effectiveness of a website that you can refresh anytime you want without the coordination or cost of external programming resources, and without the technical burden of supporting an in-house web server.

The promotional power of Wadetech’s innovative “SmartLink” tools, enabling you to create a series of on-page windows for product or service promotions, special event announcements, etc., the content of which can be modified at any time as your programs and priorities change.