About the App

DreamKid – is free educational learning app for preschool toddlers. Kids have the ability to learn 4+ languages within 5 years of time as per research, let’s give our kids the opportunity to learn alphabet letters in an interactive way. Kids learn multiple languages easily at a young age, there is a misconception that one has to learn one language fully before moving to another language, this is actually counterproductive, as after learning one language it’s difficult to learn a next one. At an early age, kids show great enthusiasm and grasping power to learn multiple languages easily. Giving the kids an opportunity to learn multiple languages means the kid’s brain power is increased exponentially.

Now learning alphabet letters will be easier with our new DreamKid app for kids, we integrate the alphabet letters with pretty animated and real time pictures so preschool kids will easily understood and remember what it is. By exposing kids to multiple languages you are improving kid’s Positive experiences, Learning style, Personality, Attitude towards the other language, Motivation to learn.


Website: dreamkids.dreamguys.co.in

Google Store: Available on Google Play